Repeat The Process

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Repeat The Process

 The last step is to rinse and repeat!  Once you have a funnel up and running, driving traffic and making sales for you, do it again!  I’m not sure that I even need to mention this, it really is pretty logical.  If it works, do some more of it.

You can add more videos on the same topic and expand the reach of your funnel or you can start a bran’ new funnel and ultimately have two or more running at the same time.  Is it going to take some time to set it all up?  Of course!  But once it becomes profitable, who cares how long it takes to create another income stream?

Another possibility is for you to branch out into a different niche!  There is no end to this once you get good at it and it starts working for you.  It is very exciting and very profitable and FREE!


 I have taken a while to explain the steps, but really the concept is quite simple.  You can keep it simple or you can get creative with it.  Whatever you do, don’t forget to test, test, test.  Make sure that you know what works best for YOU in each of the steps.

Start with an outline, then expand upon that outline with sub topics.

Turn each topic and sub topic into a small article.

Use the articles as the content for your videos whether you use a head shot of yourself or slides.

Post the videos and the articles in different places and link them together and to a squeeze page.

Once it is profitable, rinse and repeat .

If you have questions along the way, shoot me an email.  I can’t build it for you, but if you get stalled somewhere along the way, I am happy to help.

Terry Gunn

Traffic Tsunami

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